What Our Students Say

We think our MISonline students are pretty remarkable and amazing as they successfully juggle jobs, family, and coursework to earn their master's degree or graduate certificates online. 

In turn, our students think our courses are impressive and have graciously provided the feedback below.

Andreas (Data Mining for Business Intelligence
“The instructor was very responsiveness and helpful. He was second to none in my entire academic history. I really cannot emphasize enough how supportive he was and how he made the course enjoyable.”

Anthony (Information Security in Public and Private Sectors)
“This course was great! The material was easy to follow, applicable to its objectives and nicely structured -- the instructor was very responsive and accommodating to student needs (I am deployed overseas so he provided the material for offline use) -- most importantly, the course provided opportunity to learn and understand the topics presented, not just memorization.”  

Bobbi, Omnicell, (Business Intelligence)
"The course has been great. I love finding a client for the Google Analytics portion of the course. Presenting to a client provides you with professional exposure and presentation experience. I also loved the blogging portion of the class - I published my posts out to LinkedIn, which gave some of my professional contacts the opportunity to see what I am studying and learning in this course."

Bright, (Software Design)
"The course delivery was very effective. It helped me to better understand some of the topics I studied in other courses."

Destry, PSSWorld Medical/McKesson, (Systems Security Management)
"Mr. Fortunado was very responsive and was a great instructor!"

Dori (Data Mining for Business Intelligence)
“This course was structured and organized so well. The professor and his assistants were so helpful and very timely in answering questions. The amount of information covered in the 7.5 week period was just right. There was plenty to keep me challenged and focused but there wasn't so much that I had difficulty completing assignments. The lectures were thorough and the lab assignments were challenging yet very instructional, which really enriched my understanding of the material. I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot about Data Mining.”

Dori (Master's Project Report)
"This course was really great. I enjoyed the material and felt that it was very relevant to a working professional. The instructor was very timely in answering emails and was always very helpful. I enjoyed the fact that this class was relatively self paced. Very good content and very well structured.

Thank you for a very good course with very helpful content."

Dori (Business Intelligence)
"The work load was very manageable, even for someone who works full time. I never felt that the weekly expectations were too great. There was enough material to support the lessons each week, but there wasn't so much that I felt overwhelmed. It was a very good balance. The course assignments did an extremely good job of strengthening my knowledge of the course topics. While the lecture material was clear, it always deepens my ability to understand the concepts in practice when I can try them out. Each assignment was a very good exercise in applying the concepts we learned each week. I really enjoyed this class. Business Intelligence is the area of MIS where I would like to focus my career. I feel like this class gave me a very solid understanding of the fundamentals of BI as well as the tools and resources that are available to aid in BI and analysis. Thank you for a very well structured and very impactful class."

John R. (Information Systems Analysis and Design)
"This course was VERY relevant to my every day work as an IT Consultant."

John T., National Credit Union Administration (IT Consulting) and Lecturer at Univ. of Texas at Austin (Enterprise Data Management)
"Really challenging class but I learned a ton! The course description is broad and covers a lot. I liked the structure that was broken out by weeks to include reading, instructor materials, helpful scripts, and knowledge checks. This was my first online class I've taken and I felt it met the same expectations I would have for a traditional course. Assignments were robust, rigorous, and challenging and I loved them especially the SQL. I consider myself well-versed in SQL prior to starting the course and can honestly say I've learned a lot more than expected and am using what I learned in my current job."

John (Software Design)
"The instructor very responsive and had the student learning at front of mind."

John M. (Software Design) I thought this was a great class. I think I especially benefited from first taking Dr. Ota's Java class then learning the memory diagrams and design patterns in the Software Design class. Dr. Ota's class introduced me to understanding the basics of OO programs and the mechanics of the language, but Dr. Zeng's Software Design class was good at teaching me how the programs are really written. If someone doesn't have much programming background, I think the two classes together are pretty valuable."

Joshua (Business Intelligence)
"GREAT course. The Google Analytics assignment allowed students to demonstrate their acquired knowledge not only to the professor but also to an outside organization. This allowed for growth academically as well as the opportunity to act in a consultative role to an outside organization."

Joshua (Systems Security Management)
"Great course. The lab work really helped to highlight the course material and reinforce the learning objectives."

Justin (Information Systems Analysis and Design)
"The class was great! I learned a lot about designing information systems, and I can even see myself working in systems analysis in the near future."

Katie (Business Foundations of IT)
"I appreciated the use of case studies -- it promoted critical thinking and analysis of real business situations. The pieces were interesting, and the practical application both within the MIS program and professionally was clear. I picked up new ideas from the readings that I have already begun to experiment with at work."

Katie (Systems Security Management)
"On several occasions I emailed a question about a lab, and each time received a prompt, useful response. Additionally, the feedback provided on written assignments was productive and specific, which I appreciated."

Katie, Barnes&Noble (Business Intelligence)
"The course exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot in this course, and really enjoyed the material. I was also able to take something I learned and immediately apply it at work more than one, which is truly valuable. I would take another course from Dr. Ram if the opportunity presented itself."

Monica, Ventana (Information Systems Analysis and DesignProject Management, and Enterprise Data Management) 
“I just got promoted to a Business Analyst. What set me apart from the rest of the candidates were your courses -- I am so grateful and thankful for the solid education that you have all provided me in pursing this career change.”

Nathan, Nova Corporation (Information Systems Analysis and Design)
"The instructor was very responsive. She also spent a great deal of time explaining labs and I felt she had a sincere intent to help us learn."

Nathan, Nova Corporation (Software Design)
"I really enjoyed learning about the various design patterns."

Neil, Lockhead Martin Corporation (Business Foundations of IT)
"I thought the course was very relatable to my work environment and added value to my learning and career."

Neil, Lockheed Martin Corporation (Information Systems Analysis and Design)
"Material was nice overview for someone like me without a heavy technical background."

Rawnie (Systems Security Management)
"Mr. Fortunato is one of the best professors I have had throughout my college career. His passion for teaching was a great motivation"

Thomas, Univ. of Montana- Tech Support Services (Software Design)
"The required book was great. The optional text was also great. Dr. Zeng also shared articles that were great too. So far, I am very impressed with the MIS program overall."

Thomas, Univ. of Montana- Tech Support Services (Information Systems Analysis and Design)
"(this course) actually exceeded my expectations with the emphasis on Service Design. Also, some of the additional materials were of very high quality. The material itself was great. The assignments incorporated a lot of UML. This was good, as too often we (in the industry) don't put enough effort into proper design. I also really appreciated the emphasis on Agile methodologies. The course was full of a wide variety of good content. It had everything from Agile to UML. It also had a great push towards an empathetic view of systems design from a user and customer point of view. This is not only great for me personally, but it is going to be hugely important for Millennials that are lacking in empathy and relating skills."

Tom (Business Intelligence)
"The course content was very well done, and I felt that I learned a lot from them. This indicates that they were well designed towards passing along knowledge in an easy to understand ways. This course is relevant to much of what I am involved with. It will help me form better decisions myself while also help to demonstrate better methods of data analysis then we are currently using. The topics were very good and relevant to the 21st century. It is definitely a course that fits very well with MIS."

Whitney, Sunquest Information Systems (Software Design)
"The homework assignments helped me to understand and master the topics. The instructor was very responsive and flexible."

Quotes were collected from end of MISonline class surveys. Permission was granted from students to post the above.


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