Probationary Status Details

Don't have a 3.0 GPA? No problem - we have a solution for that.

The 3.0 GPA is a University of Arizona requirement for all graduate programs.

However, students could still start any of our online graduate programs by applying as a “non-degree seeking” student.

Non-degree seeking students take either 2 or 4 MISonline classes first.

If they achieve a 3.0 GPA or higher from those non-degree seeking classes, students can then apply to the the program as a “degree seeking” student. Any classes taken as a non-degree student transfer into the degree program.

MISonline Program Non-degree seeking courses needed
Master's in MIS or Master's in Cybersecurity 2-4 courses for a maximum of 12 credits
Business Intelligence and Analytics certificate
Enterprise Security certificate
2 courses for a total of 6 credits

Steps to Apply

Below are the steps necessary to apply as a non-degree seeking student. Click on the application link below.

  • Select the term you want to start the program in.
  • Create an account.
  • When asked what type of application you want to start - select “Non-Degree Seeking”.
  • Complete the rest of the application.
  • Pay the application fee - domestic applicants $45, international applicants $95.

VERY IMPORTANT - BEFORE you submit a non-degree seeking application – please notify Natalie Mora (MISonline Admissions Coordinator or 520.413.5544) of your intentions.

We don’t receive notifications of student’s admittance status from non-degree seeking applications. Therefore we have no idea who the students are and cannot inform them of how to register for classes or help them in any way.

Once students have submitted their non-degree seeking application, received notification from the Graduate College that they have been admitted into the University, and notified Natalie of their admittance she will put you on her student lists and send your course reminders.

Again, please notify Natalie Mora or 520.413.5544 of your admittance.

Start your non-degree seeking application at

For additional information, please contact us.