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We think our MISonline students are pretty remarkable. They successfully juggle jobs, family, and coursework to earn their degree or certificates online. 

MISonline delivers our top-five ranked programs to your home or office, making online learning accessible and convenient. What is it like to be a student and take classes in our accelerated programs? Those questions can be best answered by our students.

Meet two recent graduates of the MISonline Master's in MIS program, Andrew Dupuy and Andrew Baghai, and read what they have to say about their educational experience.

Andrew and Dori, both working professionals, fast tracked their ten course program in one years’ time by taking two courses each “mini-semester.


Dori Dupuy

Dori Dupuy

“I had wanted to pursue my Master’s degree for several years, but while working full-time, it was nearly impossible to juggle work and school. The online MIS Master’s program made it possible for me to pursue my Master’s degree while continuing to work full-time. All of the course content was at an advanced level, but the professors did such a great job of formatting the classes in such a way that the lectures were easy to follow and the coursework was reasonable. I completed the entire program in one year, which is also a great benefit of the online program.

I really enjoyed the classes, the professors, and all of the administrative staff that I worked with throughout the program. This is an exciting new program for the MIS department and one that I hope will continue to be successful so that more working professionals will have the opportunity to pursue their Master’s degree from such a strong program and an impressive university.”


Andrew Baghai

Andrew Baghai

”The online MIS masters’ program provided the balance I needed to be successful in my day-to-day career, family life, and pursuit of educational opportunities. I would recommend it to anyone trying to stand out from the crowd or for taking that next step in their career.”

“I chose MISonline because I had no time to drive to a college campus. The Master’s in MIS program at the University of Arizona provides the best-in-class graduate education that I can take from the comfort of my own home. This flexibility allows for a better work/life balance.

For me, the most difficult aspect of being an online student was adjusting to the accelerated 7.5 week course durations. The courses are not “watered-down.” We complete the same material as the regular 16 week ground course student completes, but in a shorter amount of time. Though the workload was high in some classes, the returns of the material and knowledge gained is much higher, rewarding and well worth the effort.”

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