Master's in MIS - Admission Overview

We truly believe in the “student first” philosophy and sincerely want you to succeed.

Most of our students have families, work, or other personal obligations they must tend to, but they have also made their education a top priority and created a time-management system that works for them.

Our goal is for you to be excited about your online learning experience, and come away with a quality online education that ignites a highly successful career. You have our promise that we'll do everything within our power to reach this goal, beginning right now, with the application process.

We look for students who bring their strengths, a passion for the field and the ability to be successful in a specialized master's program.

Applicants are reviewed as a "whole person" and the selection committee considers all parts of every application submitted, including essays and letters of recommendation.

We pride ourselves on our personal touch, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions that are not answered on these webpages.