Course Structure

MISonline courses are delivered using a combination of online voiced-over material supplemented by online labs, assignments, projects, reading materials, quizzes, and exams.

Each course duration is 8 weeks (there are breaks over the holidays) and materials will be available online while students are enrolled in a course. Except for instructor designated materials, students will be able to also download material for later personal use/reference.

Assignments will be given for each week and must be completed within a designated time frame. Courses are NOT self paced but are structured in weekly assignments.

MISonline Course Mix

Course mix will include a variety of active learning opportunities including projects, discussions, chats, labs, extra credit opportunities, quizzes and exams. All of which will be delivered online.

Courses are delivered via a secure online course management system called Blackboard. Students will be given access and instructions to Blackboard upon acceptance into the program. In addition, students will upload their assignments and conduct online discussions with the instructor and classmates through the Blackboard interface. Blackboard

Sample of what a student's Blackboard system would be like when they first log into their class.



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