Why Eller MISonline?

Because your time counts.

MISonline is the distance learning unit of the MIS Department, at the University of Arizona.

Our department has been Shaping the Future of IT since 1974 and we have been a top-five ranked program every year since the rankings began in 1989.

MISonline was created to serve busy mid-career professionals who want to enhance their careers but don't have time to commute to a classroom.

The four graduate level MISonline programs are comprehensive, practical, and are designed with the adult learner in mind.  MISonline courses entail the same content as our conventional "ground" classrooms.  Students who complete their studies via MISonline receive the same prestigious recognition and credentials as their ground course counterparts. [More about the programs.]

Why choose our MISonline programs?

Top pick - because of our national reputation, strength of online degree offerings, and the cutting-edge use of educational technology.

High quality - our MISonline programs are unique in that they combine the appropriate pedagogy for web-based course delivery with quality personal interactions between instructor and fellow classmates. This mixture results in the ultimate learning environment for busy professionals.

Faculty - the MIS department’s distinction is rooted in the strength, leadership and experience of its faculty members with their most valued asset being intellectual capital. Our faculty’s accomplishments have been recognized in leading academic and business journals, publications and electronic media. Through their engagement with the business community our department has recorded over $80 million in research grants and other state and industry support.

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