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MISonline - Certificates Overview

Providing Specialized Knowledge

Certifications are important components of a career education programs as they provide evidence of skill attainment. They are a non-degree program designed to provide students specialized knowledge that is less extensive than, and different from, our MISonline master's program.

Earning a certification has many benefits. It gives you a highly valued professional credential, bolsters your resumes, and helps make you more employable with higher starting salaries.

Certificates contain three (3) three-credit graduate courses and each certificate can be completed in a five month time period. Certifcates can be taken 100% or in a hybrid modality.

MISonline offers both “for-credit” and “non-credit” student statuses. ┬áCourses completed under the “for-credit” student status will be eligible for credit transfer into another degreed program. Courses completed under the “non-credit” student status will not be eligible for credit transfer.

MISonline offers two online certificates.

MISonline Security Certificate

Enterprise Security Certificate

The Enterprise Security Certificate is designed for business managers and IT professionals interested in security and information assurance. It is ideal for business professionals who must combat potential cyber-threats and attacks that endanger their organizations' data. [More]

MISonline BI Certificate

Business Intelligence and Analytics Certificate

The Business Intelligence and Analytics Certificate is designed for professionals involved in analyzing data to make business decisions, including IT professionals, project managers, business analysts, and marketing analysts and researchers. [More]

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